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22 Secrets with Nikita Willy


Hi, Naked Addicts!

We watch her series, we (continuously) hear gossip about her.

But believe me, you will never see her as NAKED as we did.

Only here, the actress, singer, and businesswoman, Nikita Willy, spills 22 secrets starting from his prince charming, weirdest thing people ever says about her on internet, to her d ream role.

Let’s watch Niki while glaring at her glowing skin hasil yoga, rajin workout, rutin detox dengan Naked Press dan setia menjadi vegetarian.

NP: Snapchat atau IG Stories?

Niki: SNAPCHAT of course.

NP: Kiss on the forehead or lips?

Niki: Forehead, because it’s love.

NP: (Awww..). Next, hair color you most comfortable with?

Niki: Brunette! Tapi sekarang lagi dark untuk keperluan shooting.

NP: Rasa Naked Press favorit?

Niki: Cashew nut milk, SILK!

NP: If Winona (Niki’s sister) has a baby, what would you name him/her?

Niki: Valerie… although I don’t know why.

NP: If your life has a soundtrack what would it be?

Niki: 22 from Taylor Swift, well (singing) cause I am 22~

(Niki entering the store)

NP: Describe your dream date!

Niki: (Smiling. Gazing.) A tattooed guy with a beard

… 3 detik kemudian

Niki: ….and brown skin!

NP : (Uuuuww..). Next, if you can choose another job, what would it be?

Niki: A doctor.

NP: Fiction character to have champagne with?

Niki: Captain Sully, Captain Phillips a.k.a Tom Hanks.

(NP agree. Period.)

NP: If you have a time machine, which era would you want to turn back to?

Niki: Ke masa orang masih surat-suratan, karena lebih banyak usaha untuk ngobrol dengan orang yang disuka.

NP: So romantic.. Speaking about romantic, who do you want to have a romantic scene with?

Niki: Tom Hardy.

(NP couldn’t agree more.)

NP: Your dream role in a movie?

Niki: Anything with action movie.

NP : Show me your action move!

Niki: (Laughing) You didn’t ask me to do that!

(Niki try to bust a move, but we admit, we are just messing with her. Sorry Niki, we love you.)

NP: Your fashion icon of all time?

Niki: I know it’s weird but I love Kim Kardashian, she is my role in fashion.

NP: Fair enough. Your favorite morning routine?

Niki: Yoga! And going to the gym.

NP: What makes you cry the most?

Niki: Broken heart.

NP: Weirdest thing people ever says about you on internet?

Niki: (Staring directly to camera)You are short, Nikita.” And I know it so stop talking about that.

(They definitely don’t know how fabulous you are, Nikita.)

NP: If you have a tattoo where would it be?

Niki: Here (pointing at hand), in Arabic word.

NP: What country in the world would you like to live?

Niki: South Africa and  live with animals.

(FYI, Niki provides shelter for abandoned dogs. She has soft spot for animals)

NP: Government regulation that you wish Indonesia has?

Niki: Death penalty untuk orang-orang yang korupsi!

NP: Thanks Niki! *imagine there is a kiss emoji here*


  • keren banget…makasih videonya sdh diperlihatkan disini

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    • Yeay! Seneng banget kamu juga suka!

      Naked Press | | Reply

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